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The most asked question is always; why should the client choose DJ Solutions over other DJ companies?

I wont blow smoke at anyone and tell you what you want to hear just to book your event. I know DJ Solutions really does pay attention to detail far above the average dj company, but ofcourse you couldnt be sure of that until you actually book with us for an event.

So, what I will do is show the facts that can be compared to other companies by you. Take these facts and compare us to any other dj company you wish and I am sure you will decide that DJ Solutions is the best choice for your entertainment needs.



 Fact #1

   When you call DJ Solutions you talk directly to the owner which is the DJ/MC that will be at your event. If you call a company that can't let you talk directly to the actual dj then you can't be sure you are both on the same page. Personality also plays a big part in your event. If the dj's personality is compatable with you and your guests should be a factor in hiring the right dj. I am not saying that everyone in the world will be compatable with us, it's just one of those details that is often overlooked.

   You can also ask DJ Solutions as many questions about any aspect of our company. Equipment questions, available options, song availability and any questions that come to mind.



Fact #2

   Pricing and value:  DJ Solutions can compete with package pricing, but more important than that is the value of our packages. For example take our basic package that is listed in our packages page. With DJ Solutions you will have a sound package that is way above most other dj companies top shelf packages.

   Our larger packages comes with 4 speakers, 2 of which are dual 15" jbl speakers. These handle the highs and mids. Then we have 2 awesome Cerwin Vega subwoofers that handle strictly the bass. The sound is put through 2 amplifiers and a crossover to make sure the right sounds go to the right speakers. All of our equipment is plugged into a power conditioner which makes sure the sound is as clean as possible. The source of our music is a unique hybrid system.  We use 2 cd mixers and a laptop all hooked into a 5 channel mixing board. Our music library is over 50,000 songs and is constantly growing. DJ Solutions subscribes to several dj music suppliers that send us dj mixes of the latest music.



 Fact #3

   When you hire DJ Solutions you will be getting myself and an assistant. For weddings, his assistance is a big plus. At your reception he helps to make sure that all of your wedding party including yourselves know exactly how the entrances will be conducted. Then we work together to make sure everything is organized and goes exactly as planned. All this comes with the packages listed at no additional charge.



Fact #4

   Consultations come with most of our packages. All of our packages are clearly listed as to what comes with them. We don't make promises of consultations and then blow you off. Remember that you are already speaking with the owner and dj/mc when you call us, so if you wish to set up your consultation date the day of your call we will be glad to do just that. Don't be fooled by marketing companies that make empty promises. Ask to speak with the dj/mc the day of your call and ask when they are available for your consultation.



Fact #5

   Contract When you hire DJ Solutions we will draw up a contract that clearly states every detail involving your event. What is promised, for how much, on what date and every other detail important to your event. A contract protects both yourself and the dj company. Once a contract is signed and a retainer received, your date is closed to other potential clients. This prevents accidental overbooking of a date. We will not sub contract out any events, so with DJ Solutions there is only 1 event available for each date.



   Some companies can match one or more of these facts but it will be hard to find a company that will match all of these facts for the same price and supply you with the service that DJ Solutions can. If for some reason your date is booked already or you just choose not to use DJ Solutions, feel free to use our "why us" page in selecting the right dj.



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